25 life lessons i learned in 25 years

25 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 25 Years

I turn 26 years old today on the 29th of September 2017. As I turn 26, I’m looking back on all the lessons that life has thrown at me in these 25 years. These lessons that I’ve learnt are ones that are very close to my heart and have helped me through my toughest times. I’ve learned most of these lessons in the last 12-15 years. So, here’s a quick list that I’d like to share with you guys on my birthday. ?


1.Always meet rudeness with kindness
Ever since I was a child, I was taught to ‘be nice and kind’. It’s very easy to be rude because it takes no effort and is a sign of insecurity and weakness. Be strong enough to stay kind to rude people because everyone is fighting a personal battle that you don’t know of.


2.Some people just won’t like you
And that’s okay! These people might not even know you or barely know you and still throw shade on you. But that’s not your problem, its theirs! Stop trying to convince these people and move on. You have beautiful people in your life who love you for who you are.


3.Never carry arguments from one day to another
Try clearing arguments the same day, don’t ruin another day. Life is too short to be angry and sad all the time especially with people you love and care about.


4.You’ve got to take some risks in life
Quit that job, move to a new place, change your social circle, go tell that girl/guy how much you love them or maybe go for that degree you’ve been eyeing for a while. Take that risk because you don’t want to be old one day wishing ‘what if’ you would’ve done it.


5.Nature and gardening, teaches you patience
There’s so much beauty in watching a plant grow because of your hardwork and consistent routine of nurturing it. It teaches you patience and that all good things take time.


6.Near death experiences change you
They make you realise how unpredictable human life is and how within a blink of an eye you might just lose someone or yourself. Such experiences make you want to keep your loved ones close and appreciate life even more.


7.Never bring work home
Finish work at the office because home is your sacred space with your family. This is your zone where you seek comfort and the last thing you want is an annoying colleague who just doesn’t understand when the work hours end.


8.Don’t let bitter people dull your shine
Life situations don’t make you a bitter person, YOU make yourself a bitter person. Some people choose to be bitter; let them be. Don’t feed into their bitterness with reactions. Ignore them and shine on you crazy diamond! (Yup, Pink Floyd reference! 😀 )


9. If they talk about others to you, they talk about YOU to others.
C’mon, you really think that ‘friend’ of yours who goes on talking trash about other people to you won’t talk trash about you!? No, save yourself from such friends. They’re toxic.


10.Your mental health is VERY important
Stop ignoring your mental health. Depression, anxiety, insomnia etc. are few of the things a lot of people in their teenage and twenties complain about. Please seek help if you need to but just don’t ignore it.


11.Don’t share your personal/intimate problems with people
Most of them are happy you have those problems because it makes them feel a little happier about their troubled lives. The others, frankly don’t care. Only your family, partner and those 2-3 close friends are going to be there for you. For the rest, you are a dinner table discussion over beers.


12.Never lose your self-respect to save relationships
This could relate to friendships, love relationships or jobs. Don’t ever let someone damage your self-respect in the process of you trying to save that relationship or friendship. Your self-respect is like your spine, you are nothing without it.


13.Don’t compare your lives with others
Your biggest competition is yourself. Stop looking up at other’s lives because you’ll forever be unhappy with your longing to have what they have. Appreciate what you have and strive to be more successful than you were yesterday.


14.Nobody’s lives are as good as they are on Instagram or Facebook.
C’mon, everyone has issues and they definitely won’t be putting that up on social media. Just because that couple is partying in Hawaii doesn’t mean they don’t have issues. Studies have proven that people who put up waaay too much info on their personal lives online are actually very insecure in real life. So, relax, you’re better off than them.


15.Learn from other’s mistakes
Try and observe what others are doing right or wrong and work on your tasks accordingly. That doesn’t mean just because your friend became a success overnight that you’re going to too. But its always good to gauge the depth of the waters before taking a dive.


16.Do good deeds selflessly
Don’t be nice because you want Karma to be nice to you. Do nice things because you can and because you are a good person. Ultimately, you will receive what you deserve in life.


17.It’s okay to argue sometimes
We are all different people with different views and thought processes which means, we won’t agree on everything. You’re going to end up arguing and fighting but that’s alright you don’t need to take it to heart. Accept that everyone is different and try to understand the other person’s point of view.


18.People will only understand you as much as their consciousness allows them to
You can go on and on proving yourself to certain people but they simply won’t understand your goals and aspirations. Don’t waste your energy on them. People can meet you consciously only as far as they have met themselves.


19.You’re going to realise real friendships
More is definitely NOT merrier when it comes to close friends. Through your twenties you’re going to lose a lot of people you once called ‘friends’ and that’s normal. Don’t stress too much because the ones who really appreciate you will be there till the end.


20.It’s okay to not feel okay sometimes
You’re going to have these moments where you feel like your life is crashing around you. Don’t worry, just hang in there. This moment is going to pass and you’re going to come out of this a different person who is stronger and more beautiful than ever.


21.Every relationship has its ups and downs
Be it friendship, love relationships, marriage etc. every relationship needs honest effort, understanding and time. We live in a fast-paced life and don’t want to put in so much time and effort into relationships which explains the high rate of divorces these days. You fight with your parents too but ultimately, they are your saving grace. Why don’t you give the same time and effort into your relationships?


22.Don’t disrespect people who love you
And don’t take them for granted either! These few people really love you and care about you especially your family, your partner and your few close friends. Never disrespect them because it will break them and will take a while to heal. Be nice. Always.


23.Love will come to you when you least expect it
Yes, don’t chase love. Be content with yourself and love yourself so that when you do meet someone special, you have all the love to give that person.


24.You need to be your own hero
Your loved ones won’t be able to help you through every difficult situation in life because they have their own issues to handle. So, chin up, put on that cape and conquer each problem in your life BY YOURSELF.


25. And finally, never stop learning
Every single person you’re going to meet has an experience and story which you’re going to learn so much from. Be curious, ask questions because there’s endless knowledge around you.


I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this post and for those of you who have just hit their twenties, buckle up because it’s a crazy ride! The lessons you learn in your teenage through your twenties is something you’re going to hold on to for the rest of your lives.

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