The Face Shop Sheet Masks For Combination Skin Review

The Face Shop Sheet Masks For Combination Skin

In September, I did a huge haul of The Face Shop sheet masks and got a total of 28 sheet masks to try out as many as I could. I basically wanted to find the right sheet masks for my combination skin problems. Since there are a lot of sheet masks out there in every brand not just The Face Shop, I decided to do a detailed review on which masks worked for me and which ones didn’t.

Here’s a list of the ones that worked on my combination skin and the ones that were a huge miss for me.

The Face Shop Sheet Masks Which Worked on My Combination Skin –


1. Rice (Brightening)
This is my all-time favorite mask! It immediately brightens up my face, tightens my skin and pores and adds a glow to my face. It fades away tiny lines and blemish scars and the effects last for a few days. This will literally work for every skin tone.

2. Red Ginseng (Revitalizing)
What I like about this mask is that my skin felt super clean and nourished after applying this Red Ginseng mask. The ingredients sting a little in the beginning but that’s just the Red Ginseng doing its work. My skin felt soft and super glowy after using this mask.

3. Aloe (Hydrating)
This could never be a miss simply because it’s Aloe Vera! My skin literally felt hydrated and full of life after using this sheet mask. I also noticed reduced puffiness around my eyes and on my acne after using this mask. I’m sure this would work on every skin tone.

4. Calendula (Smoothing)
I love the fragrance of this sheet mask and I love how it leaves my skin feel soft and smooth after application. The serum in this sheet mask is super lightweight and not oily.

5. White Tea (Illuminating)
I’ve never tried a product containing white tea and I really wish I had used this ingredient for my skin earlier. This sheet mask is a total win for me because it added a beautiful glow to my face and a nice shine as well. White tea works wonders!

6. Lily (Brightening)
The lily sheet mask not only brightened my skin up but also added a beautiful natural glow to it. It managed to slightly fade away a few of my blemish scars as well.

7. Green Tea (Purifying)
I used this mask after washing off all my makeup after attending a friend’s wedding. The green tea helped in calming my skin down and nourishing it. I generally break out after applying too much makeup, but this sheet mask allowed my skin to breath and I had no break outs the next day! 😀

8. The Solution – Brightening Face Mask
This sheet mask contains natural extracts from pearls which instantly brightens out the facial skin. It added a beautiful shine to my skin as well.

9. Acai Berry (Firming)
I was skeptical about using this firming mask because I didn’t want my combination skin to feel extremely dry and stretched out. The Acai Berry masks lives up to its claim! My skin felt firm and smooth after application. 😊

10. Avocado (Moisturizing)
I love this mask because it isn’t oily like the Olive sheet mask. It deeply moisturized my skin and didn’t break me out.

11. Lemon (Brightening)
How can you go wrong with lemon! It worked beautifully on my combination skin and faded away my tan instantly. My skin felt super fresh and bright after using this mask!

12. The Solution – Radiance Face Mask
This sheet mask contains Vitamin C extract which help in adding brightness and radiance to the skin. This mask works just as good as the Lemon mask and brightens up the face instantly.

13. Lingzhi (Firming)
This sheet mask lives up to its claim and firms the facial skin smoothly without leaving the skin feeling stretched.

14. The Solution – Pore Care Face Mask
This sheet mask is formulated with tannins which work as astringents. These help the pores stay clean and tight. I love this face mask because my skin felt clean, fresh and tightened up after using this.

15. Blueberry (Firming)
I love how this face mask smells! The fragrance is so yummy! 😀 It firmed my skin up and also left it smooth and soft to touch.

16. Shea Butter (Moisturizing)
I love how this mask moisturized my skin and didn’t break me out. It is a little oily considering the shea butter ingredient, but it didn’t leave my skin greasy at all. I’m guessing this wouldn’t work on very oily skin.

17. The Solution – Firming Face Mask
The collagen in this sheet mask helps to tighten up the skin and fades away fine lines. It definitely worked on my combination skin and my skin felt plump and firm at the same time.

18. Cucumber (Hydrating)
This sheet mask is perfect for summers and after long hours in the sun. It instantly cools the skin and hydrates it. Works great for soothing my hormonal acne as well.

19. Peony (Radiance)
I love the fragrance of this sheet mask! 😊 It also adds a beautiful glow to my face and a nice shine which lasts all day.

20. The Solution – Moisturizing Face Mask
The sheet mask is formulated with ceramide which helps to plump the skin while moisturizing it. It didn’t break my skin out and claims to work on extremely dry skin as well.

21. Longan (Nourishing)
This helped my tired and dull skin feel fresh and smooth after a long tiring day in the sun. It works beautifully on combination skin and I’ll definitely be trying out more products with Longan ingredients.

22. Honey (Moisturizing)
Honey is one of the best natural ingredients for every skin type. Because of this, this sheet mask adds all the soothing and moisturizing qualities of honey to the skin and adds a nice shine to the skin as well.


The Face Shop Sheet Masks Which Didn’t Work on My Combination Skin –


1. Kelp (Purifying)
This mask did nothing to my skin. I don’t really understand how the purifying effects work, but my skin didn’t feel hydrated nor did it feel soft to touch.

2. Olive (Moisturizing)
It definitely moisturizes the skin however, for my combination-oily skin, it didn’t really work. It made my skin even more oily to touch. Luckily it didn’t break my skin out. This would work better on dry skin.

3. Goji Berry (Moisturizing)
This was a miss again for me because it didn’t do anything for my facial skin. The moisturizing effects were not that visible on my skin but I’m guessing it would work on dry skin more than combination skin.

4. Lotus (Hydrating)
It didn’t feel any of the hydrating effects on my skin. It honestly didn’t do anything extraordinary for my skin.

5. Pomegranate (Firming)
Somehow, this sheet mask didn’t work on my skin the way I expected it too. The berry face masks worked really well for firming my skin but this one was a total miss. It smells great though!

6. The Solution – Hydrating Face Mask
This sheet mask didn’t really add anything special to my skin. My moisturizing and hydrating creams work better than this mask honestly.


Hope you enjoyed reading this long detailed blog post and I hope it helps you pick the right sheet masks from The Face Shop sheet mask range for your combination skin. I will be trying out the Bio-Cell sheet mask range of The Face Shop soon and will be reviewing it on the website.

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