M&S Beauty Nature's Ingredients Strawberry Hand Cream Review

M&S Beauty – Nature’s Ingredients Strawberry Hand Cream Review

It’s winter time all over the world which means dry skin and dry hair problems. Even if you are living in Mumbai, where winter is nonexistent, you can still feel your skin get a little dry in these few weeks of the year. During this time of the year, my palms and cuticle areas get very dry and I need to keep loading up on hand creams. ☹ A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Coconut range of lotion and hand cream from the M&S Beauty – Nature’s Ingredients in my Marks and Spencer haul from Bahrain. Today I’ve got another hand cream review from Nature’s Ingredients in Strawberry. Keep reading below to find out more about this hand cream!


Price and Packaging
Just like the Nature’s Ingredients Coconut Hand Cream review, this tube cost me BD 1.5 (INR 255) for 100 ml. Total steal for the price! The tube is sturdy, and the packaging is perfect for travel without any leakages.


M&S Beauty Nature's Ingredients Strawberry Hand Cream Review


Texture and Fragrance
This hand cream has a subtle strawberry fragrance which has a very good staying power; better than the coconut cream from this range. The texture and consistency are non-greasy and very light-weight.


Nature’s Ingredients Strawberry Hand Cream Review and My Experience –


I love this hand cream mainly because of its fragrance; it smells SOOO GOOD! So fresh and fruity! 😊 The fragrance stays for hours at a stretch as compared to the coconut hand cream from the same range. It’s literally one of the main reasons why I’m writing this hand cream review. 😛


M&S Beauty Nature's Ingredients Strawberry Hand Cream Review


This hand cream is fast absorbing and doesn’t leave my palms feeling sticky or greasy. I apply it multiple times a day unlike my Neutrogena Hand Cream because it isn’t the most moisturizing product for extremely dry palms and hands like mine. I really wish it was a little more moisturizing so that I wouldn’t have to apply it so many times in a day. If you need a basic moisturizing and cruelty free hand cream for everyday use, this Nature’s Ingredients strawberry hand cream is perfect. You can also use it any time of the year (even in humid summers) because it is non-greasy and light-weight.

I love the fact that the Nature’s Ingredients doesn’t test its products on animals. My only problem with this hand cream is that it isn’t very moisturizing for extremely dry palms and it contains parabens.


Here’s Why You Will Like the Nature’s Ingredients Strawberry Hand Cream –

  • Fresh and fruity fragrance that stays on for hours
  • Sturdy and travel friendly packaging
  • Non-greasy and light-weight formula
  • Provides decent moisturizing for the hands and palms
  • Cruelty free product (YAY!)
  • Super affordable for the price and quantity!

Here’s Why You Might Want to Skip This Hand Cream –

  • Not the best option for extremely dry palms
  • Contains parabens ☹


If you do have any suggestions of hand creams for extremely dry palms and hands, please let me know in the comments below! Also, if you enjoyed reading this hand cream review on cruelty free products, don’t forget to share it! Do follow the ‘cruelty free beauty’ tag at the bottom of this article to keep up with all my cruelty free product reviews. 😊


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