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my 10 positive lifestyle changes

My 10 Positive Lifestyle Changes

If you know me offline, you’ll know that I’ve recently done an entire shift in my lifestyle and diet. I have never felt and looked better. The best way to change your lifestyle is to change things you do from your every day routine life. Basically, positive lifestyle changes. So what did I change about my lifestyle? Read on below…

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Comfort and Pyjamas

Comfort is the one thing that everyone constantly needs in life. I’ve been travelling, living away from home for a while now and my constant has always been comfort. It could be my art, my favorite pair of boots or that bowl of sinful ice-cream while playing Age of Empires 3 online with my brothers. Comfort is like a good…

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First Blog Post Image

My First Blog Post!

Hi Everyone! Firstly, welcome to my website and to my first blog post! Thanks for taking out the time for stopping by. On this website, I’ll be documenting my life, food and fashion, things that i love, people i love and basically, everything that i enjoy. So, who is The Mystic Trails in person? I’m glad you asked! The Mystic…

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